Contextual Targeting

Connect with potential customers by showing relevant ads to users as they browse content related to their interests.

Benefits of Contextual Targeting

Maximized Efficiency

Creating your own relevant audience with keyword and category contextualization means maximum return for your marketing dollars.

Custom Scale

Contextual targeting lets advertisers target users on a broadband scale through categories or get granular by targeting on the keyword level.

Total Transparency

Know exactly how each keyword and category performs through standard transparent reporting. Adapt and optimize campaigns on the fly to leverage the top performing keywords and categories to increase campaign effectiveness.


The Specifics

Keyword Contextual Targeting

Create a custom list of keywords relevant to your product or business and our contextual targeting technology will scour the Internet to find sites with content containing those keywords on which to serve your ad.

Categorized Contextual Targeting

Serve your ad only on pages categorically relevant to your target audience, product or business. Maximize the delivery of your ads with a extended selection of over 300 categorical contexts defined by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau).

Keyword/Category Contextual Combination

Combine keyword and contextual targeting to create a fully customized solution to target only the users interested in the content of your ad.