List Based Targeting

List Based Targeting enables targeting potentional customers through directly purchased lists that contains names, email, and postal addresses. By uploading this list into our platform we are then able to target these individuals by identifying their online use patterns.

Benefits of List Based Targeting


CRM targeting allows advertisers to upload data from an existing or purchased database of names, email and postal addresses, etc. into the platform and show ads to those users as they surf the web.

The Specifics

Direct Advertising

Users are matched one-to-one to build a relevant, targeted audience for an advertiser’s campaign(s).

Boost Brand Exposure

By bringing offline data into the platform, advertisers are able to show ads to we are able to find other similar users and target them with your business ads.

Data Privacy

CRM data onboarded into the platform is anonymized and scrubbed of any personally identifiable information, so there’s no risk of a breach in privacy.