In-Store TV Advertising with AdWatch Media

If you are a business owner who has invested countless hours and many late nights into building your business then AdWatch Media’s Community Advertisement Network can be one of your most valuable tools as you focus on promoting your business locally.

In-Store TV Ad Services

AdWatch Media’s Community Advertisement Network is a rapidly expanding network of internet connected Live TVs that are located within stores and other establishments around your area.

Businesses that already have TVs in their office or retail locations sign up for our service that enables them to advertisement by placing their ads on on Live TVs both within their establishment as well as in other noncompeting business establishments within the network.

Think of the family dentistry down the street, who can promote their brand at the local Monkey Joes or the Pepperoni Pizzas since it’s frequented by the same families that potentially need dental services from time to time.  That’s exactly what this network does. It creates a symbiotic promotional network that’s impactful and is guaranteed to boost your brand.

If this sounds interesting to you then we would like to show you our services in action via an onsite or online demonstration, what ever is convenient to you. It takes less than 30 minutes to review and realize all the benefits of promoting your brand on our community advertisement network.

We are confident that our service will greatly promote your business within the local community as it’s your pride and joy just like our business is for us.