Facebook Advertising with AdWatch Media

There are many types of advertising options available on Facebook, as a business it is of utmost importance that you advertise effectively through Facebook or risk losing valuable business.

Facebook Services

Facebook Business Pages

We enable your business to be found on Facebook easily. AdWatch Media can help you create highly productive Facebook Pages for your business.

Facebook Social Posts

We will help update your Facebook with social posts that include news and information related to your business. This will keep your followers engaged, driving more traffic and generating business.

Facebook Groups

More and more people are using the visual search option on Google to research and buy products. We empower you to sell your products like Jewelry, Hardware Products, Home Items, and Furniture to get a great response on Google Shopping.

Facebook Sponsored Ads

One of the best tactics on Facebook to accelerate your business and reach your target audience is sponsored ads. We have the experience to get your message across quickly and cost effectively.

Facebook Video Ads

Effective Facebook video advertising will bring you much success and many paying customers, if you do it right. We have the specific tools and expertise to help you accomplish just that.

Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads allow you to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. This gives you the opportunity to highlight different products and showcase specific details about one product, service or promotion.

Facebook Advertising Works








Our Approach


Research & Plan

We learn about your business as well as research your competition and more importantly your customers to figure out the best way for Facebook Ads to work for you.


Create & Execute

We create eye-catching promotions to attract your target audience and outperform your competition.


Promote & Engage

We promote your business to your target customers where they live, work, or play using the right Facebook campaigns.


Convert & Optimize

We take care of setting up all ad campaigns and we optimize your Facebook account for better performance on an ongoing basis.


Analyze & Report

We take all the feedback and data we receive from the advertisements and make any adjustments we feel are necessary. We also provide Facebook ad campaign reports that give a full overview of your performance.