Site Retargeting

Roughly 98% of consumers will leave a site without converting. Here is your chance to re-engage those consumers with a completely new level of performance and insight.

Benefits of Site Retargeting

Site retargeting serves ads to users who have already visited your site while they are visiting other sites across the web. Following users based upon their browsing behavior increases brand exposure and is an effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers.

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The Specifics

Outperform Your Competition

Site retargeting campaigns outperform segment-based campaigns by bidding, reporting, and optimizing at the element level.

Ad Campaigns

Our campaigns have access to inventory from all major exchanges. Maximize the delivery of your site retargeting campaigns while delivering ads at the right time and place.

Data & Analytics

Discover the search and site visitation patterns of your existing customers and target prospective customers based on similar browse and search activity